VNET - telecommunication solutions that work

Our main strengths are long-term experience and a great team. We share the excitement for telecommunication services, the latest technology and solutions that simply work. We offer cutting-edge technology space for client equipment in 3 data centres and our data rooms serve roughly 20% of the Slovak internet. Even though VNET is a Slovak company, in its 14 years it has gained an important position among global players.

Top-notch technical support

We are very proud of the quality of our technical support. That is why there are always 6 specialists available for you 24/7.. They are always ready to answer your questions and help you resolve any issues.


What works well for one client is not necessarily the best solution for another. Each customer needs an individual approach. . Our solutions are either tailoredto your requirements or prepared according to an audit performed on your site.


To provide a great service to your customers, you need a functional and effective telecommunications solutions. The trust place in us is our commitment, therefor quality of service always comes first.

We support the smallest customers as well as the largest

Ever since we started doing business on the Slovak telecommunications market in 2002, it has been our primary goal to provide customers with services that ensure speedy and reliable access to information, efficient work, and give a competitive advantage.