In order to ensure proper managing of this website, we do save small data files of your device called cookies. It´s a common practice of most website providers.

What are cookies?

Cookie is a small text file saved by your computer or mobile phone through the website during your searching. Thanks to this file, website can save the information about your steps and preferences as login, language, font size or other settings for certain time, so no need to use them again by coming to the same page.

How to use cookies?

We use cookies the most at our websites to: 
  • gain anonymous statistics information to improve provided services and information
  • to increase your safety by using this websites
  • to increase the comfort of user - to save the chosen language
We do not provide this information to the third party and mostly they are processed by machines so people don´t get involved with.

How to control cookies?

Cookies are easy to check and/or delete by own discretion - more details you can find at All cookies saved at your computer can be deleted and most of browsers can be set to prevent from being saved. In this case is the probability to modify some settings manually when you visit a websites and some of the services won´t work..