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An internet connection you can depend on

Our internet services for businesses are divided into two main groups. The first is GarantLink its primary focus is availability, quality and reliability. It includes an SLA contractual guarantee of service availability. The second is FlexiLink. This is a best-effort service with higher transfer rates, but lower contractually guaranteed availability and more affordable price. Our service portfolio is supplemented by our ADSL service, which is suitable as a backup connection.

GarantLink is a symmetrical connection with guaranteed speeds of up to 10 Gbps and the highest-level SLA. 

GarantLink benefits
  • guaranteed connection speed 
  • no aggregation
  • allows you to interconnect individual branch networks and use client-server applications without compromise  
  • quick installation process
  • consulting and tailored solutions 
  • top-notch technical support
  • SLA - Service Level Agreement
    • With our GarantLink service you can get an availability guarantee of up to 99.5%
    • Defect removal response time :
      • on business days between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. within 2 hours from the receipt of a defect report
      • outside working hours within 5 hours from the receipt of a defect report
    Optional Services
    • IPsec VPN
    • automatic fall-back to a backup connection
    • voice solutions and services

FlexiLink is an asymmetrical internet connection intended for companies requiring highly reliable internet service at a reasonable price.

FlexiLink Benefits
  • quick installation process
  • SLA (Service Level Agreement) option
  • multiple public IP addresses can be assigned
  • unlimited data - compared to a standard ADSL connection
  • top-notch technical support
SLA - Service Level Agreement
  • With our FlexiLink service you can get an availability guarantee of up to 96%
  • Defect removal response time: :
    • on business days between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. within 8 hours from the receipt of a defect report
    • outside working hours within 12 hours from the receipt of a defect report

The ADSL(Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) technology offers high-speed internet access. "Asymmetric" denotes that downstream (data flow towards the user) is much faster than upstream (data flow from the user). The listed speeds are the maximum speeds of all ADSL plans, but the minimum speed cannot be guaranteed.
  • instant service activation after the installation of an ADSL line
  • public IP address
  • lower level of technical support compared to other connection types
  • limited to 1 IP address
  • quality of the internet connection also depends on distance from switchboard
  • speed is not guaranteed - only the maximum speed is listed
When to choose ADSL connection
  • suitable as a back-up connection for FlexiLink and GarantLink plans

For an even higher level of service, we offer an ADSL line that functions as an automatic fall-back option. Should the primary data line fail, your communication will be automatically rerouted to the backup ADSL line.
  • Your public IP address remains the same, so when the backup takes over you needn’t change any settings within your company.
  • Users will notice a slowdown, but can still perform all basic activities.

The virtual private network (IPsec VPN) allows you to use the public network for secure communication between multiple locations. Within the VPN, data is transferred through public infrastructure using tunnels and encryption within the internet.
  • VPN is suitable for all companies with multiple branches which need to establish a secure communication channel between them.
  • VPN is a necessity for companies where its employees access company systems remotely: they work in the field, from their homes, or abroad.
  • Encryption protocols enable increasing the level of security, confidentiality and sender verification
  • VPN can be accessed securely even by employees with notebooks using any internet connection
  • Within VPN you can create user groups with different privileges
  • Using VPN, a company can integrate internal telephony from multiple locations, thus significantly reducing telephone bills

Why choose VNET?

  • rock-solid and secure internet connection for businesses
  • guarantee of availability and quality of service - SLA
  • tailor-made solutions
  • rýchla  realizácia inštalácie
  • individual and flexible aproach
  • high-performance backbone network
  • automatic fall-back to a backup connection

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VNET technical support


„As Murat is one of the largest distributors of cables and wiring accessories, we needed to ensure high-quality communication between the headquarters and our three branches. VNET prepared a comprehensive solution including guaranteed internet access, VPNs, DSL connections, and server housing. The VNET sales agent assisted us in finding an ideal solution with the best price/performance ratio. Having unified the services, now there's a single contact point should anything go wrong or if we need to adjust some parameters. I personally greatly appreciate how helpful everyone in the company is, from the executive managers to the engineers.“
Marián PetrovičIT Manager and Administrator / Murat s.r.o.