Landline for every business

Landline for your business

Take advantage of VNET virtual extension - a comprehensive voice solution for a single telephone line. This service gives you a number of useful features, and thanks to VoIP, your calls will be cheaper too.

Professional service even for small businesses

FlexiLink is an asymmetrical internet connection intended for companies requiring reliable internet service at a reasonable price.

FlexiLink Benefits
  • quick installation process
  • connection with an SLA (Service Level Agreement) option
  • multiple public IP addresses can be assigned
  • unlimited data  in comparison with a standard ADSL connection
  • top-notch technical support
SLA - Service Level Agreement
  • With our FlexiLink service you can get an availability guarantee of up to 96%
  • Defect removal response time: :
    • on business days between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. within 12 hours from the receipt of a defect report
    • outside working hours within 18 hours from the receipt of a defect report

No hassle, no contracts, you can have a highly reliable environment created for your project in a matter of minutes. 24 hours a day, quickly and easily – just what you need.

  • guaranteed availability of 99.5%
  • price starts at 10 € / month
  • XEN virtualisation
  • fully isolated system
  • SSH root access
  • multi processor HW
  • RAID 5
  • 1x public IP address
  • console
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VNET backup is intended for clients who need to keep their data secure, back it up automatically, and have it instantly available from any device.
  • automatic on-line data backup
  • file synchronization across all devices
  • data encryption prior to transmission
  • professional document sharing
  • safety, reliability and scalability
  • intuitive control and management - using a desktop application, mobile application or server application
  • multiple users with access right management
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