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SMSfarm is  our portal that allows you to send SMS messages quickly at an affordable price. You can send messages easily and efficiently directly to your customers and partners using our portal, or automatically after integrating an API in your own system.
" is an intermediary for certificates of conformity. We are a leader on the European market, and we serve clients in 5 world languages. To improve communication with clients and expedite the processing of their orders, we sought a system capable of sending SMS notifications of important changes. SMSfarm by Vnet proved to be an excellent solution. Quick implementation in our system, transparent overviews and affordable price per SMS anywhere in the world, were the main decisive factors. Their team can assist us in preparing a tailored solution, whatever change or system expansion request we have. That's why we are satisfied "farmers", too. :-) "
Lenka SvetlíkováMarketing manager -

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