Online automatic data backup

Keep the security of your data in mind

VNET backup is intended for clients who need to keep their data secure, back it up automatically, and have it instantly available from any device.

  • On-line automatic data backup
  • File synchronization across all devices
  • Data encryption prior to transmission
  • Professional document sharing
  • Security reliability and scalability
  • Simple control and management - using a desktop application, mobile application or server application
  • Access to data from any device – computer, tablet, phone

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Technical specification of VNET backup

  • Incremental backup
  • Secured using SSL, AES, TwoFish or Triple DES encryption
  • Microsoft Hyper-V Cluster backup and VMware ESX / ESXi / Server / Workstation / Fusion / Player virtual system backup
  • Microsoft Exchange Server, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle Database, Lotus Domino / Notes, MySQL
  • Windows operating system backup

Backup home

  • 1 user
  • 20 GB  of space
  • 3 € / month
    30 € / year

Backup home

  • 1 user
  • 100 GB of space
  • 7 € / month
    70 € / year

Protect your data

from hardware failures

You should keep in mind that the lifespan of computer components (hard drives), USB flash drives, and optical media (CD, DVD) is limited.

from theft or loss

If you have ever had your notebook stolen or lost a USB flash drive, you know how little it takes to lose your valuable data.

from accidental deletion

When working with a computer or due to computer viruses, valuable data can be damaged or deleted.