Virtual PBX

Virtual switchboard - professional functionality, lower call costs

Virtual switchboard is an automated call routing system based on VoIP technology. It is a cost effective alternative to the traditional telephone line. Its main advantage is flexibility, which allows voice services to be easily modified to suit the needs of a customer, so it’s ideal for companies of all types and sizes.The virtual switchboard gives companies the functionality of a large branch exchange, expanded by new features of modern telephony.

Virtual switchboard features

  • Connection of extensions
  • Numbering and naming of extensions according to your wishes
  • Connecting of ongoing calls
  • Call forwarding and blocking "do not disturb" functionality(DND)
  • Virtual extensions with group ringing
  • ring group
  • Voicemail with forwarding of messages to an e-mail address
  • Overview of all calls – billing system
  • Call recording
  • Interactive voice response (IVR)
  • Music on hold (MOH)
  • Custom voicemail
  • Detailed on-line call summary allowing to play back or download a recorded call
  • Limitation of calls for individual extensions
  • Automatic call forwarding using the most convenient provider
  • Connection failover
  • Extension can be used anywhere in the world
  • Voice over wireless
  • Conference rooms
  • Limitation of calls for individual extension
  • Applications of your choice

No frauds

When combined with our MANAGEMENT service, your virtual switchboard gains professional care. Our voice specialists take care of its configuration, regular updates and ensure all necessary security policies have been applied. When your switchboard is fully managed by our company we even assume responsibility for any fraud and damage caused by unauthorized intrusion.


  • up to 10 extensions
  • 1 geographic number
  • 2 reserved
    voice channels


  • 11 - 30 extensions
  • DDI 10
  • 4 reserved
    voice channels


  • more than 30 extensions
  • DDI 100
  • 10 reserved
    voice channels


ot sure which package to select? Request a quote and we will prepare a project suited exactly to your needs based on an audit carried out in your company. 


Technical specification

Each virtual switchboard is installed in a separate space on a jointly used server cluster. The cluster is physically located in our data centre ,which ensures 100% availability and and high call quality. Our virtual switchboards utilize the Asterisk software solution.

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